CPC Zhejiang Wei Wei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Branch established

      August 9, 2011, the Communist Party of China Zhejiang Weiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held a meeting to set up the General Assembly to participate in the General Assembly of the town party committee Shao deputy secretary, organization committee Yu Yue, town enterprise party secretary Zhao Dongmei, and corporate executives , Party members and party activists, etc. a total of 21 people.
At the meeting, the town party committee organized by Professor Lin Sanmei read the "Hongqiao Town Committee (2011) 54, on the consent of Zhejiang Zhiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to establish the approval of the party branch", then elected the first party branch.
      Town Organization Committee Yu month made a speech on the election of the first party branch of the company congratulated that the company is a happy event, a political event. She asked the new branch to do their own construction, to actively participate in A Good activities, strengthen management services, play branch organization "home" warm role, take the mass line, play a party role, make party organization development work.
      Zhao Shunrong, general manager of the company made a speech. He asked the party's fine tradition to penetrate into the workshop, positions, and constantly strive to do the construction of the branch was impressive. At the same time require party members to strengthen self-learning and education, improve their own quality, do not talk about the conditions of work, stress efficiency, stress effect, the courage to bear the company's production and construction of the two lines of combat responsibility, establish a good image of party members, to clean themselves, clean self-discipline, The
The meeting was chaired by Zhao Dongmei.