Cars also have their own fuse how to replace

Although the fuse in the daily car and inconspicuous, but the vehicle without a fuse will become a pile of waste without the soul of iron, because the lights, speakers, starters, air conditioning and other vehicle power equipment need to protect the fuse, or once the line The current is too large, it is likely to use electrical appliances were burned. Now we know the important role of the fuse, if the day the vehicle components "broken" do not worry to replace, we can first look at the problem is not the fuse.
What is the car fuse
Fuses are just what we used to call, and its real name is "fuses". Its main role is when the circuit current is abnormal or more than its rated current more than 2 times when it will fuse, play the role of circuit protection.
The fuse has two important parameters, one is the rated current; the other is the rated voltage. Use the fuse according to the current and voltage to select the corresponding specifications of the fuse.
Car fuses are divided into high current fuses and low current fuses. General vehicles are more common in the low current fuse, low current fuse is divided into plug-in fuse, fork-type fuse, screw-tight fuse, tube fuse. Which we most often come into contact with the medium and small fast-type plug-in fuse. The following main talk about plug-in fuse.
Car insert fuses are typically 2A to 40A and amps are identified at the top of the fuse. In addition to the top of the fuse to determine the value of the amperage, we can also judge the color of the fuse, different colors represent different amperometric values, the international standard: 2A gray, 3A purple, 5A orange, 7.5A brown, 10A red , 15A blue, 20A yellow, 25A colorless and transparent, 30A green, 35A lavender, 40A dark orange.
Where is the fuse in the car?
As the electronics on the car more, and each electronic equipment will be equipped with a separate fuse, for future replacement and maintenance more convenient, engineers in the design of vehicles will be concentrated in a place where the fuse, this place is called the safe box.
There are two safety boxes on the general vehicle, one inside the engine compartment, is responsible for the normal work of the vehicle external electrical appliances, such as lights, speakers, traffic computers, air conditioning compressors, glass water motor and other circuit protection; Steering wheel on the left or glove box, responsible for the normal work of electrical appliances, such as window movements, cigarette lighter, electric seats and airbags and so on.
General cabinets are located on the side of the driver's cabin, there are some models of the fuse box on the opposite side, but usually the fuse box will be designed on both sides of the engine compartment, easy to replace.
Find the corresponding electronic equipment for the fuse
Want to know the corresponding fuse corresponding to the electronic equipment is very simple, usually in the case of the fuse box will identify each fuse is responsible for electronic equipment, just need to figure a good fuse to find the appropriate location. There will be some models of the fuse box is not a paint inside the logo, we can control the vehicle manual to find.
Some of the imported models of the insurance box, although there are signs, but all the parts in English abbreviation, maintenance or replacement will be more convenient.
How do you replace the fuse yourself
Once you have figured out the fuse's corresponding electronics, we can replace it with reference to the image. The fuse box is usually fixed by the buckle, carefully remove the box to open the fuse. Many models of the fuse box will be equipped with a small clip inside, which is specifically used to replace the fuse tool, but it should be noted that not all models of the fuse box are equipped with such a small clip.
Replace the fuse to note that we must choose the correct amperage of the fuse, do not arbitrarily increase the fuse current specifications, more than the current specifications of the fuse will make electronic equipment work exception. Also, remember not to use wire instead of fuses.
Maintenance and precautions for car fuses
As the fuse connected to the various electronic equipment, routine maintenance, remember not to clean the engine compartment with water, or can easily lead to short circuit fuse, causing vehicle electronic equipment failure. If you want to clean the engine compartment you can use a special cleaning agent or wet towel can be wiped.
Cigarette lighter using high-power electrical appliances or use a drag three interface can easily burn cigarette lighter fuse. General vehicle cigarette lighter with 15A-25A specifications of the fuse, so try to avoid the use of a drag three interfaces.
To determine the fuse burned several cases
To determine the battery power but the vehicle can not start, it is likely that the fuse responsible for starting the motor burned out. It should be noted that when the vehicle can not start to find, remember not to continuous ignition, continuous ignition will cause the battery continued discharge led to a completely powerless embarrassing situation.
During driving, the vehicle tachometer shows normal, but the speedometer shows zero, and the ABS alarm light is on, indicating that the fuse corresponding to ABS is burned out. Some irregular business transport vehicles will be unplugged when the management of ABS fuse, the purpose is not to increase the mileage, but this brings a very large hidden danger, the loss of ABS vehicles encountered an emergency situation will be very dangerous.
If the glass water switch is not sprayed with glass of water, it may be because there is a foreign body to block the nozzle or the cold cold storage of the nozzle, then remember not to press the glass water switch, long press the switch will cause the motor overheating and burn Corresponding fuse.
Fuse is an important part of connecting the various electronic parts of the vehicle. Knowing the position of the fuse box of the vehicle and the corresponding parts of the fuse allows us to find the fuse for replacement. In your daily car can be prepared a box of fuses, that will be good someday can come in handy.